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James Boffin is a Science Entertainer bringing an enthusiasm for science to children everywhere - in schools, at parties, in clubs, at corporate events - anywhere that you want children to be entertained, educated and amused with some WOW science

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Are you planning one?

Then you need all the help you can get!

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“I am so pleased that we chose you and you were professional

the whole way through planning from start to finish.

The children left full of exciting ideas and

experiments to try at home.”

Amie B-W, London


British Science Week is March 10th to 19th, 2017.

But more and more Schools are choosing to do things differently.

They're having their Science Week at a time more convenient for themselves.

Or some just have Science Days dotted throughout the School year.

Because then the best Schools Science Presenters are easier to book.

Not so in our national science week.

That's the time when they get booked up way, way in advance.

And your children deserve the best, right?

So call on Secret Science Agent James Boffin to do a Science Day or two for you.


UU7 days are huge fun days with a serious intent - to get children loving science. And learning what scientists do, and why and how they do it.

Getting them wanting to know more - making your job easier.

He’ll work together with you to help make sure of a success.

Pooling his experience of hundreds of presentations.

With all your experience of your School and teaching environment.

If you wish he can . . .

• Help you structure your science event

• Help you decide on science workshop topics

• Let you know what facilities are needed

• Advise you on how best to run your event

• Draw up a suggested timetable for you

Then he’ll come and make the whole day memorable for everyone.

By entertaining, educating, and amusing with science.

He’ll teach a lot of science in ways they’ll remember for the rest of their lives! Children get hugely enthusiastic about his experiments.

“Who wants to be a scientist when they grow up?” he asks.

It’s quite usual for 80% of them to put their hands up to this question.

Sounds too good to be true?

Read a selection of the many reviews from schools across the world.


"incredible" "stunning feedback" "children buzzing" "adults totally engaged too" "brilliant Science Day" "you really entertained" "you're cool" "you're hot"

"still talking about it" "they said it was the best day ever"

How does he do it?

James has a passion for getting kids interested in and excited about science.

They love his mission storylines.

Like the one where Chief Science Agent ordered him to go into the jungle.

And rescue Skwiddee, a rocket science genius.

Skwiddee was being held prisoner by the villainous Doctor Puss.

UU7 had to use all sorts of useful science to complete this mission.

The children all get to see and help with experiments showing the stuff he used. Both in school assembly and school science workshops.


Here’s a message from a School Science Co-ordinator recently . . .

"Dear James,

Just a short note to update you on our children at Mapplewell.

We have just started a new term and my first lesson with 38 year 5's

was all about famous scientists and why we remember them.

As usual , we find out a starting point by asking them to share what they already know. When asked if they knew any famous scientists, eight out of ten replied


Thought you would like the fact that you have made more of an impression than Edison, Newton or even Logi Baird !!

Hope you had a good summer and the work is rolling in.

Best wishes,



You can now get James’s 7-minute tool for organising a School Science Event. This will produce your personal printable proposal from UU7.

It outlines your particular options, dates, timetable, fees,

testimonials, and resources needed.

All ready for your approval, or for presenting to colleagues.

So, what next to start putting together a perfect plan?

Simply get in touch with Science Headquarters and

start a dialogue with James now.

Discussion can be by email or phone or text

or message or chat or letter or Skype.

Remember to ask for the 7-minute tool for organising a School Science Event.

Easiest way to get going? Just send the form down below now.

You will not be disappointed.


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