James Boffin is a Science Entertainer bringing an enthusiasm for science to children everywhere - in schools, at parties, in clubs, at corporate events - anywhere that you want children to be entertained, educated and amused with some WOW science

Direct from Science Headquarters James Boffin Secret Science Agent UU7


James Boffin Secret Science Agent UU7

is a character created and performed by Graham Hidderley/Burgess

'a grandfather, marketing maven, and actor'

( described thus in The Boston Globe )

Full article here


Graham is also credited with coining the expression

'Sweet Tooth Fairy'

to describe the English language figure of speech now known by that name


As an actor he has appeared on

film, television, radio, stage, video, ads, websites and mobile app


As a marketing executive he has delivered thousands of presentations

from one-on-one through to audiences of several hundred


As a grandfather he enjoys entertaining his four grandchildren and

their friends as indeed he always did with his own three daughters

( His youngest daughter occasionally appears with him

as UU7's erstwhile assistant Miss Molly Cule )


As James Boffin he has performed for

schools, birthday parties, corporate events, shopping malls, Brownies,

hospitals, youth clubs, charities, weddings, fetes, holiday parks, Christmas parties,

sports clubs, festivals, religious groups, exhibitions, summer camps, nurseries,

museums, Hallowe'en parties, after-school clubs, pubs and restaurant open days


Other characters created for the whole Secret Science Agent pastiche are

Doctor Puss, Skwiddee, Polly Murs, Mr Bones Jangle, H,

Professor Zed, Snowhereman, and the Boffin Girls

All operating under the auspices of the Science Headquarters Organisation



James Boffin on set with a Boffin Girl


James Boffin is


and carries

Public Liability Insurance

of £10,000,000

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