James Boffin is a Science Entertainer bringing an enthusiasm for science to children everywhere - in schools, at parties, in clubs, at corporate events - anywhere that you want children to be entertained, educated and amused with some WOW science

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Direct from Science Headquarters James Boffin Secret Science Agent UU7




"James was fantastic; children were talking for days about Sam's party" - Sam’s Mum

"Incredible. The feedback from everybody all day has been stunning" - A Headteacher

From Science Headquarters please welcome James Boffin, Secret Science Agent UU7

And what do scientists do?

Experiment, yes!

And our Secret Science Agent will be sharing with you some exciting experiments

Science that he used on his last mission for H, our Chief Secret Science Agent

A mission to rescue Skwiddee, a Rocket Science Genius trapped in the jungle somewhere

See how he made water disappear like magic using a special science formula

Learn how aeroplanes fly in a way that you'll never forget for the rest of your life

Maybe meet Polly Murs and make some wicked stuff to take home

Or perhaps get a taste for the Science of Sweets

Find out how to a play a science 'trick' on your family when you get home

Help James with a dangerous chemical experiment

Why not choose added Dry Ice experiments for Extra Extra WOW factor?

And much, much more

You, the children, and any grown-ups around, will be entertained,

educated and amused, all at the same time

And there's always some science stuff to take home

Like all the Secret Science Agents at Science Headquarters say - “Isn't science fun?”

James is an experienced science presenter and has successfully completed many, many missions including

Children's Parties, School Assemblies and Workshops, Kid's Clubs,

Science Badge Evenings, After-School Clubs, Fetes, Weddings, Rallies,

Charity Support Events, Science Festivals, and Corporate Appearances


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James Boffin on set with Boffin Girl Ma'am

James Boffin on set with a Boffin Girl

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James Boffin is


and carries

Public Liability Insurance

of £10,000,000

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